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New unique interchangeable pole floats 

Change your float .... Not your rig.

Our new pole floats and weights allow you to move up or down in float and weight size with out changing between rigs.

The float body is made from a high quality foam, with a light, thin metal rod running thought the centre of body and into the bottom of the tip, the rest of the red/yellow tip is completely hollow.

The benefit of our float is it will save you money on fixed float rigs.

All you have to do is make up as many rig variations as you like and keep them on winders. 

Without floats or weights.

The only thing you need to leave on your rig is small pieces of rubber provided for your float and weights provided.

Choose the rig you wish to use and attach it to your pole.

Then choose one of our unique virtually indestructible pole floats and slide the stem into the rubbers on your line to hold it in place.

Make a loop in your line above the float and place it over the tip of the float then drag the line down the tip and into our unique float eye and draw the line tight above the floats body.

Lastly add the required weight that is also provided, instead of a string of bulk shot.

Then your ready to fish  
With the float locked in place it still allows you to change the depth when ever you like by sliding the float up and down your line.

To remove the float, draw the line away from the body of the float then holding the line above and below the float together draw the line out of the eye and over the tip, lastly remove the stem from the rubbers.

Set contains: 

3 of our own floats weight are

4x10 4x12 and 4x14.

3 of our own floats weight are

4x16 4x18 and 4x20.

3 of our own floats weight are

1g 1.25g 1.5g.

Enough rubber float and weight tubing to last over a year. 
Weights that replace bulk shot.




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