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Pellet Waggler Feeder CONNECTOR SET
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Self Locking Connector Set + 6,8,10g Pellet Wagglers

A SELF Locking 
Float Connector / Adaptor  SET
Plus A Set Of  
3 Loaded Pellet Wagglers

3 Pellet Wagglers in total Plus the Connector Set


For Any Loaded

Splasher Floats

Pellet Floats

Feeder Floats

Packet of 3

               The Best Self locking system on the market                           

No shot or stoppers required

Alter Depth in Seconds

Swap and change Floats in seconds

No Damage to line

A superb new system for all the larger loaded floats . Start your days fishing by threading one of the connectors onto the line. Once its on , then its there for the day. Simply thread the line as shown in the picture and attach the clip to the float , and slide the tube over the line to lock in place , its that easy.

To alter depth , slide the tube up the adaptor which will expose the loop and simply slide the float to the required depth and then return the tube to its locking position. This can be done in seconds and as often as required without any damage to your line.

Each set contains : 

   3  Unique Adaptors         

   3 Clips

3 Loaded Pellet Wagglers


A Set of 3
Pre-Loaded Straight
Pellet Wagglers

Pellet Waggler fishing is the latest Carp fishing phenomenon that allows you to perfectly present Pellets up in the water to tempt those hungry Carp. The loaded models are designed to cast like a dream and they certainly work. Add a Premier Anti-dive disc and float diving will be a thing of the past and your float will settle up to 30% faster. The loadings are specially made so that the Pellet Wagglers sit just right.

For really heavy floats , you can repeat the loop a second time and slide the tube over the two loops.



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