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Welcome to A&E Angling Products

A&E Angling Products is based in Runcorn, Cheshire and is the home of the Multi-Weight Float Adaptor Set, Pellet-Splasher Connector Set and Merlin Quick Change Pole Floats.

Multi-Weight Float Adaptor, Pellet-Splasher Connector Set and the Brand New Merlin Quick Change Pole Float. Bob established A&E Angling Products in 2006.

The genius of the Multi-Weight Float Adaptor is the fact that it removes the need for shot around the float!

You will never again need to position shot around your float with this fantastic bit of kit.

The Multi-Weight Float Adaptor turns any standard float into a loaded waggler without the need for shot around the float which means no damage to your line! You can swap and change your setup as many times as you like, the possible combinations are endless.

Watch our videos on the right in order to see how it and the splasher connector set work.

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Multiweight Float Adaptor Set
Multiweight Float Adaptor Set
Price - £7.99

Splasher Connector
Self Locking Connector Set
Price - £3.99

Float Weights
Float Weights
Price - 50p each

Splasher Connector
3 Spare Multiweight Adaptors
Price - £2.99
Spare Multiweight Adaptor and Weight
Multiweight adaptor and Weight
Price - £1.99
Splasher Connector
Set of 10 Weights
Price - £4.99
Splasher Connector
6 x Multweight Float Adaptor Tubes
Price - £1.99
Splasher Connector Tubes
20 x Self Locking Connector Tubes
Price - £1.99
Multiweight Adaptor Gift Set A
Multiweight adaptor Gift Set A
Price - £21.99
Multiweight Adaptor Gift Set B
Multiweight adaptor Gift Set B
Price - £18.99
Multiweight Adaptor Gift Set C
Multiweight adaptor Gift Set C
Price - £18.99
Multiweight Adaptor Gift Set C
Self Locking Connector Waggler Set
Price - £8.99


3 Loaded Pellet Wagglers £5.00

10g Loaded Single Pellet Waggler £1.99

8g Loaded Single Pellet Waggler £1.99

6g Loaded Single Pellet Waggler £1.99

Just Carp Hooks £0.99

Hooks to Nylon £1.50

Clear Floats £5.00 Each set of 5

COIL FEEDER FLOAT baggin waggler fishing carp swim surface pellet paste bait

Coil Feeder + Windbeeter Coil Feeder Floats £3.99

Premier Canal Feeder x1 £3.98

Classic Feeder Float x1 £3.98

COMPLETE SET Multiweight float Adaptor 15 MATCHING CRYSTAL FLOATS Waggler carp

Clear Floats and Multiweight Float Adaptor Set £21.00


Hi Viz Feeder x1 £3.98

10g + 8g Mushroom / Special Mushroom x1 £3.98 each

NEW SPECIAL Loaded PELLET WAGGLER 6g 8g 10g  Fishing float carp coarse UNIQUE

Special Windbeater 6,8,10g Loaded Pellet Waggler x1 £2.38 each

Special Loaded Pellet Waggler (Wind beeter) and Connector Set £8.99

Multiweight Float Adaptor Set + 20 Matching Wagglers fishing A&E Angling carp

Multiweight Float Adaptor plus 20 Floats £25.99

Matching Multiweight Floats set of 5 £5.00

Set of 3 quick chage pole floats £8.99

Set of 2 Quick Change Pole Floats


SF Line in various sizes £1.00

Ultima Fly Leader fishing line 3lb 9lb 10lb 15lb

Ultima Fly Leader fishing line 3lb 9lb 10lb 15lb £1.99




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