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Crystal Floats
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Matching Crystal Floats
Here At Last Due To Popular Request
Matching Floats 
The Multiweight Float Adaptor Sets

If you already have the Multiweight Set , then here is your chance to obtain some matching floats for each weight in the set.
It couldnt be easier , choose any of these floats and match the number on the float to the number under the weight in the set.
Job Done  ! ! ! 
Just add a couple of dust or dropper shot down the line and you have the perfect set up.
These just take all the hassle out of trying to find out the shotting weights for normal floats.

Its Simple
Float no.1   uses Weight no.1
Float no.2   takes weight no.2
etc  etc

Matching Float 6 with Weight 6 
And so on.

If you already use the adaptor sets then you will know how even easier these will be to use.

There is a total of 20 different matching floats for you to choose from , with several combinations of sets depending on your type of fishing needs.
Insert floats are only available in sizes 1-5 . This range of floats should cover any range of fishing from small silvers to a huge 328mm carper or long range .

We have had these floats made to the highest of quality , and youy will find them one of the strongest and most robust high quality wagglers you will ever use.
And remember , no shot ever again around the float..


5 Inserts for weight numbers 1-5

  No.1   Length   160mm
No.2   Length   175mm
No.3   Length   190mm
No.4   Length   205mm
No.5   Length   220mm

5 Straights to match weight numbers 1-5

No.1   Length   140mm
No.2   Length   155mm
No.3   Length   170mm
No.4   Length   185mm
No.5   Length   200mm

5 Straights to match weight numbers 6-10

No.6   Length   230mm
No.7   length   255mm
No.8   Length   275mm
No.9   Length   295mm
No.10   Length   310mm

5 Inserts to match weight numbers 6-10

No.6   Length   248mm
No.7   length   268mm
No.8   Length   288mm
No.9   Length   318mm
No.10   Length   328mm

So you can choose from any of the four combinations from the above Matching Floats


£5.00 each set of 5
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