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Multi Weight Float Adaptor Gift Set C
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Multi-Weight Float Adaptor
Gift SEt C

This is the complete Multi-Weight Float adaptor set. You get the Multi-Weight set plus 10 matching floats! Its the perfect gift as an introduction to the Multi-Weight technology for the fisherman who likes to use a smaller float more often

The set includes:

  • Multi-Weight Adaptor Set
  • 5 Insert Floats - Just for the first 5 weights
  • 5 Straight Floats - Just for the first 5 weights
  • Spare Thickwall Connector Tubes (worth £1.99)

Could not be easier to use.  
Simply match one of the weights to one of the floats.

Float 1  uses Weight 1
Float 2 with Weight 2
Etc  Etc

Each float is clearly marked with the number of weight required to match the weight.
All you need is 2 or 3 bb of shot down the line as droppers to make the perfect shotting pattern.

These floats have been made to the highest quality and are for use with our unique Adaptor Sets Only.
A very very strong black plastic waggler which you will find to be one of the most robust floats on the market.


  • Choose any of the floats from the set.
  • Read the number on the float.
  • Take the same number marked under the weights in the box and place onto the adaptor followed by the tube and then the float.  
  • Job done.


5 Inserts for weight numbers 1-5

No.1   Length   160mm
No.2   Length   175mm
No.3   Length   190mm
No.4   Length   205mm
No.5   Length   220mm

5 Straights to match weight numbers 1-5

No.1   Length   140mm
No.2   Length   155mm
No.3   Length   170mm
No.4   Length   185mm
No.5   Length   200mm



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